Reviews of our sweepstakes

We work hard here at Competition Towers to bring you great prizes and regular sweepstakes, and it's always nice to get positive feedback, so we thought we'd share some of it with you. Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming!

Our reviews are taken from our Facebook and Trustpilot pages plus from emails we receive.

I just started using Lucky Sweeps a couple months ago and have already won a 50.00 Amazon gift card. I love the site - Stanley, December 2018

I love the Lucky Sweeps site because it offers fun giveaways and is so easy to use. In two clicks you can enter a contest and they have great prizes! - Lacey, November 2018

Amazing company that you actually win from Its so easy to enter takes not time Easy to sign up and I have only done it for 2 months and already won a prize that was really quick to get . You can choose the prize or the same amount in amazon. So easy and so quick best place ever - Sean, November 2018

I recently won the BS10 Earphones. I have been entering for awhile but, eventually the efforts paid off. Persistence is what it takes sometimes when entering to win the same item as many others are entering to win as well. You really can win, just be patient. Remember, patience is a virtue! This is a wonderful site and well worth spend the time entering to win on each of the items displayed - Nicole, October 2018

I love Lucky Sweeps because I have won there and they are one of the best sites around. Thanks - Susan, October 2018

I checked my account this morning and discovered I had won a $100 Nordstrom card. I opted to switch to a $100 Amazon e-gift card and have already received it and deposited to my Amazon account. Winning and receipt of the prize within 24 hours. Easiest sweeps site I have ever seen. 100 percent legitimate and I am proof! I love LuckySweeps :) - Nancy, September 2018

Today I got the message that I had won from LuckySweeps. I was so excited!! It could not have came at a better time. They deliver as promise, if you wish to switch out certain prizes for an Amazon Card they say no problem. I opted to switch and was pleasantly surprised when not more than 5 minutes later I received my Amazon e-card in my e-mail. You know I was so excited that I downloaded it right then and now. They are very efficient. Not only did Lucky Sweeps leave me an e-mail but they also let me know in a private chat message. Thanks again LuckySweeps - Tracy, August 2018

I play this all the time. I was shocked when i seen that i actually won - Diana, August 2018

I'm so happy to be one of the winners! I was a little skeptical at first because it looked too easy, yet a couple weeks after entering diligently I was chosen as a winner! I love the flexibility of choosing the prize or an Amazon gift card! Great site! Thanks again Lucky Sweeps - Elizabeth, August 2018

So I use a lot of contest sites and this one came up via Facebook. I thought I would give it a try and I actually won. I was so surprised and getting my prize was super easy and I even got to switch for an Amazon card, which was perfect for back to school shopping! Thank you!! - Kelsey, July 2018

I didn't think I would ever win, but to my surprise I woke up to an email saying I was $100 Amazon gift card winner! This site makes it so easy to enter sweeps, just click and be done, the prizes are transferrable to Amazon and they are always worth the click. Thank you Lucky Sweeps! - Camille, July 2018

Wow, I won twice this year. Lucky Sweeps is the best sweepstakes website. I am recommending to all my friends - Ann, July 2018

I haven’t been playing very long and I already won. It’s so fast and easy to use. I absolutely love this site. Thank you LUCKY SWEEPS!!! - RoseMary, June 2018

I woke up this morning and found out I won a $50 GC! I'm so excited!! I love this site! So fun and easy to enter. And so many chances! Highly recommend this site. enter everyday to increase your chances because they are worth it :) thank you Lucky Sweeps! telling all of my friends - Stephanie, June 2018

Thanks Lucky Sweeps for the win for the $25 GAP gift card that I won - Susan, May 2018

All I can say is this was one. Terrific Mother's Day for me and I owe it all to Lucky sweeps! Entering your contest is so easy and fun to do Thank you for this awesome. JC Penny's gift card. Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone - Rose, May 2018

I just won a $15 Amazon gift card. Thank you! - David, May 2018

Won after only 3 days of entering! Claimed my gift card and was sent to me in a few hours! It's legit. Recommend to all friends and family!! Thanks Again! - Jlynne, May 2018

This is so easy to win. I just won a $50 GC and I've only recently stumbled upon this awesome website. You sign up, click which contest you want to win and that's it. just enter every day. so fun and you can win too! - Steve, May 2018

This is a legit site and company! I won a $50 Amazon gift card and received it right away. I'll keep entering for more giveaways and so should you! Best wishes, y'all! - Roxy, May 2018

Learned about Lucky Sweeps in podcast and started immediately. Wouldn't you know it...I won! Fun, easy and exciting. So thankful not to type all my info in with every entry - Kimberly, May 2018

This is a great Sweeps site, they could not get the Gift Card that I won so they asked if I would like an Amazon Card. It was emailed that same day - Polly, April 2018

These guys are the best!! Not only is it fun to enter,but after they announce you have won, you receive your giftcard within minutes!! If you like giftcards and you like to win then this is the place to be! - Megan, April 2018

I won a Starbucks card from Lucky Sweeps it's a wonderful site and I recommend it to all of my friends. The website has easy to enter sweeps and if you win it will show up in your account. I was very impressed with how fast they contacted me and they are sending the card out right away!! Thank you so much Lucky Sweeps! - Kelly, April 2018

I just won a $25 Amazon gift card and have already received it through my email. I love the ease of the site and entering is so simple. Thank you again Lucky Sweeps - Jessica, April 2018

I recently discovered Lucky Sweeps, and have already won a 15.00 Amazon card!!! I love that their sweeps are so fast and easy to enter - Debbie, April 2018

I have been a member less than a month and already won my first prize, so easy to enter. Everyone should give it a try.  - Crystal, April 2018

I have been contesting for several years and I have to say Lucky Sweeps has one of the best sites I have ever used. The first aspects I look at before entering a contest are the security, layout, and ease of navigation. Lucky Sweeps is the first site I have ever joined that did a step by step breakdown explaining the terms and rules for registration. I really love how each part was explained in a way that I could understand and felt comfortable enough to agree to all the terms. I also love how easy it is to enter multiple contests quickly and without losing track. I was able to figure out how to move through the site instantly, which means I will be back daily to enter and see what new contests are posted.It is also hard to find a "clean" contest site, but Lucky Sweeps has done an amazing job at providing everything you could need for anyone new to contesting or even seasoned veterans. I can't wait to watch Lucky Sweeps grow and evolve. - James, April 2018

The best site ever!! So many prizes for your favorite places! - Dameshia, April 2018

Lucky Sweeps is great. I won a $15.00 Amazon gift card. Thank you! - Debbie, April 2018

Thank you for the gift card! Really enjoying the site! It’s so easy to enter. Everyone should try it out!! - Brendan, April 2018